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Fell off the wagon…

But I’m getting back on. The past few weeks have been crazy busy and I’m a total convenience eater. If I have to do work to eat it, I’m going to go right past. So with some of the extra … Continue reading

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Positive New Year

I found this post via a friend I follow on Google Reader. shares 20 Tips for a Positive New Year. I  need to work more on the positive stuff and less on the negative.  This article is a good … Continue reading

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Wasting a day

I just looked at my clock and it says it is 2:22pm. I had not planned to spend my entire day sitting in front of the computer.  Although I’m sure none of us plan to spend our entire day sitting … Continue reading

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First grocery trip of the new year

Yes, today was my very first trip to the grocery store in 2011. I had a very short list, and I ate before I left (always important). Now I know you’re supposed to eat first so that you don’t go … Continue reading

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Second post of the day

I had a craving today… Chinese Food. For some reason, whenever I see people eating out of those white containers either in movies or TV shows I MUST HAVE Chinese Food. There’s no way around it. So I sucked it … Continue reading

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