Day 26 – homemade vegetable broth

Beginning the broth

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Yesterday I spent the afternoon at home doing prep-work for the week. I started by making my own vegetable broth. I took guidance from Vegan Yum Yum she has excellent recipes and her photos are beautiful. She’s also got a cookbook I have added it to my Amazon wish list.

I have been saving scraps from everything I’ve made the past few weeks in a large zipper bag in my freezer with the intent to make more vegetable broth. I also cleared out some of the items from my fridge that looked a bit… less than optimal for this. I started out exactly as Vegan Yum Yum says, by sauteeing my onions, carrots and celery in the big stock pot. I did not add any oil. I just roughly chopped everything and threw it in the pan. I pulled out the left over pre-washed and chopped greens, the bok choy and then broke up the stuff from the freezer and tossed it all in the pot. When the onions started looking like they stuck I sprayed a little Liquid Aminos into the pan. This is stuff we’ve been shown repeatedly in the classes at Whole Foods. It’s a soy based product that is full of amino acids. It’s got a slightly soy saucy kinda taste to it, but not as salty. I got the small spray bottle so I just put a little bit in there. Once everything was in and mixed up pretty well, I added enough water to fill the pot, stirred it up a bit and then put on the lid. I think I let it simmer for about 2 hours total. I didn’t really watch the clock. I looked more at how the stock looked. I stirred each time I removed the lid.

Once it was finished I strained it into a pitcher to make it easier to pour into the ice cube trays. I kept 4 cups of broth to make soup with lentils, and the rest was about 3 ice cube trays. I’d have more if I had a bigger stock pot. I didn’t quite use up all the vegetable bits so I’ve got more to make another pot on another day.  I’ll share the vegetable and lentil soup recipe later on today!

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2 Responses to Day 26 – homemade vegetable broth

  1. Kelly says:

    Good post, thanks. You’ve inspired me to clean up my diet too. I’m excited to hear about your soup as I’m not very into lentils yet. Also, I hope you’re going to weigh yourself again on your last day! I hope you see good progress.

    • Pattie says:

      Thanks! The soup post will go up at 1pm-ish today. I will weigh myself again. it seems that I keep fluctuating over the same 3 pounds or so. But I’m eager to see what the record will show on the official last day (which is tomorrow!)

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