Sickie McCougherton

sick lolcatYeah, I’ve been struggling with a cold for the past week. This cold has turned into a 4 boxes of tissue cold. If you want to learn how shitty the rest of the world can be, get a nasty hacking cough and ride public transportation.

I want to tell all those bitchez out there on the CTA who gave me dirty looks to fuck off. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to stay home in bed when we get the sniffles. And ya know, even fewer of us have the luxury of being able to visit the doctor when our throat gets scratchy and we feel the wheezing start in. Giving me a dirty look when I’m hacking up a lung across the aisle from you isn’t going to help. I can’t just stop. Obviously over the counter stuff isn’t helping to YOUR satisfaction and GOSH I’m REALLY SORRY about that. (/sacrasam) If you don’t like it, DRIVE YOUR ASS TO WORK.

And to the dude at the Harold Washington Library who thought my coughing was some fake way to make you leave the table I was sitting at… the world doesn’t revolve around you. I could give a shit if you share the table with me. If you don’t mind my hacking, more power to you, buddy.

What I’m really annoyed about with this coughing is that I bought a couple of the group discount coupon things to try out a couple different exercise places. One is a yoga studio the other is for some cardio-kickboxing/Zumba place. I want to get them in my daily routine somehow but with this wheezing cough I can hardly climb the steps to the train without a major coughing attack hitting me and then taking a hit from my inhaler. I can’t imagine trying to work out for half an hour like this. I’d prefer not to collapse on the gym floor on my first day. I wish this cough would just go away already so I can get down to business. The faucet nose is over, finally. I just really hope the cough wont linger forever like it usually does. Stupid lungs, I choose to blame this on my smoker parents.

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