Holy cow, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted here.  Ugh, I’m so sorry. I’m pretty much practicing maintenance at the moment. Honestly that’s not very easy with the schedule I’ve got. I’m on the run 6 days a week, sometimes 7 days a week. Sunday I was so exhausted I skipped the second day of WordCamp Chicago to stay home and sleep. It was a lovely 10 hour coma. Although it totally ruined my productivity for the whole day. I had so much to do and the sleeping made it even LESS time to do it all in.

I’ve got a post in the works reviewing a new meat substitute. Once I get the pictures off my camera I’ll post it. Speaking of meat… I’ve been fairly successful at maintaining meat free eating habits. My plan to not eat meat unless out with friends has been going fairly well. There have been some moments here and there where I’ve eaten some meat while by myself. The other day I ordered Sweet & Sour Chicken (an overheard mention of ordering Chinese take-out on the bus set my unstoppable craving in motion) and last week I got to attend a wonderful evening at Roy’s Restaurant. I’m down to just a couple of salmon fillets in my freezer, and then my house will be completely meat free.

I know this is shocking for people who know me well, my house has become a Diet Coke free zone. I have no pop (aka-soda) in my house.  I’ve been sticking with iced tea or water while at home. Also, I have discovered the store brand version of LaCroix. The Key Lime from Dominick’s  is a very tasty flavor. Although it is a bit overly sweet compared to LaCroix but the bottle says it is sugar free. I mix it with some fruit juice that the store at the corner sells. It’s this tasty Polish brand of juice called Tymbark I usually lean toward the green banana flavor, but it was on the high shelf and I couldn’t reach it, so this time I got the pomegranate. (Apparently the English website doesn’t show these flavors.) It’s really good juice, and something I usually treat myself to whenever I venture up to the store on the corner.

Once I get a little bit of breathing room and check the schedules on the places where I’ve purchased coupons I’ll try out yoga and some other stuff. These daily deal coupons are going to put me in the poor house. I’ve bought so many of them that now I need to either unsubscribe or send them to a hidden folder or something. They are way too tempting… especially the ones for wine.

In the meantime…. You all should check out these blogs by people who do a much better job at writing daily.

My friend Ben is logging his journey toward running in the Chicago Marathon when he turns 30. Read about his Run to 30.

The beautiful Mary who I met while doing the 28 Day Challenge. She writes a small loss and she is so motivational and inspiring. Check out her photo and that amazing huge smile and those cute dimples.

I found Rebecca from Weight Wars on the twitters. She’s over in the UK. Reading her two latest posts along with Mary’s 1 year re-birthday post gave me a bit of a kick in the pants to get back over here.

The fantastical Megan Monique has been helping me through some crap. She is inspiring, loving, creative and oh-so patient. I love her to pieces and you really should check out her site. She’s an amazing person.

My beautiful friend Karen AKA La Cabeza Grande has started sharing her tasty foods with the interwebs over at The Wordinghood in her Fresh Food, Fresh Outlook area. Such tasty photos!

And as always, for you Chicago area folks, take a look at Chicago Bites because there’s always something cool to read about or fantastic food to stare at.

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2 Responses to Neglect

  1. Mary says:

    Aw, thanks :) I’ve been struggling with motivation lately too, and have generally maintained for the past month and a half. And I have no excuse! 😛 Glad to hear mostly-meat-free is still working for you – I want to transition back to at least vegetarian if not vegan for maintenance, but I had too many mental blocks with it in my losing phase, for some reason.

    • Pattie says:

      You are so welcome! It’s hard to get moving again once you’ve stopped. I think the key is to never stop moving. Being mostly meat-free is surprisingly easy for me. Although, this heat makes me not want to cook anything at all which makes the eating habits terrible.

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