Bison Burger

Ground Bison anyone? on TwitpicI went apple picking last weekend and the orchard had a market where I found some ground bison. After asking the twitters if they would like any, I decided to buy a small package of patties for myself. I had no real plans or ideas on how to cook the ground buffalo and after checking with Google I made up my own way to cook up some bison burgers.  This recipe at Epicurious sounded pretty good, but a bit involved. It did inspire me though to try something a little different.

I’ve been on a quest for gateway beers and was told to give Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Creme Brulee Stout a try. I did, and although it smells delightful, it has too strong of a “beery” taste for me. I had this large bottle in my fridge with no idea what to do with it.  After reading the Epicurious recipe, I decided to use the beer in place of the wine when sauteeing the onions. Thought that could be a really good flavor for sauteed onions on a burger. I also pressed a little bit of garlic into the pan, I did not add salt. I’m not  much of one for salting things while cooking. I’ve gotten so used to everything having salt added I figure, there’s no need to add more salt.

As I was cooking up the onions and garlic, I started thinking that maybe if I marinate the burger in the beer too, that could prove to be really quite tasty. There was plenty of it in the bottle. I went ahead and took one of the burger patties and placed it in bowl. I crushed a clove of garlic onto it, added just a pinch of salt and pepper and then poured the beer over the top of it. I let it sit while I continued cooking up the onions.

Once the onions were done I heated up my George Foreman Grill spread a bit of olive oil on it, in an attempt to keep everything from sticking, and started grilling up the burger.  I splurged for the fancy Irish cheese and did a terrible job of slicing it (I can’t seem to make even slices of cheese worth a damn). So I had a giant chunk of cheese along with what was melted on the burger. I topped the burger with the onions and just a smidge of ketchup. It was damned tasty and I’d totally do that again if I can get my hands on ground bison.

The orchard with the shop is Garwood Orchard in LaPorte, Indiana. Not only can you pick your own apples, but they also have a pumpkin patch, eggplants, peppers, berries, green beans, tomatoes, etc. The shop has a bakery with wonderful donuts you can have them top with a variety of frostings (chocolate, maple, vanilla) or just cinnamon and sugar. They had some taffy apples that were coated in Snickers which was really amazing! I picked a few eggplants to make myself some eggplant lasagna. And with all the apples I have I’m going to try making my own applesauce. So come back and see how it all works out!

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