The Plan

The plan I’ll be eating from 5/11 through 6/7 isĀ  Whole Foods Market / Eat Right America 28 Day Challenge. The plan is also a part of the Engine 2 Diet and it’s the basis of the documentary Forks Over Knives.

While on this plan I am to eat all plant foods. No meat, dairy, eggs, cheese, oils, added sugars or anything processed. If it had a mother, I can’t eat it. If it came from an animal, I can’t let it pass my lips. If it was made in a laboratory, it’s not on the list. If it was processed at all, no go. And several other ways of saying only plants. Think vegan…

So, with the tools provided to me by Whole Foods Market, I’m going to try eating all plants all the time. I have a copy of the Engine 2 Diet book, a few coupons, a lot of literature, and the help of the Healthy Eating Specialists at the nearby Whole Foods stores to keep me going and guide me on this journey.