Dude, your dog…

We thought our alpaca herder was better with his…bleeding…issue. And he has stopped with that. However, the other night we came home and the dogs greeted us but Christian started howling in pain. He’d walk away and sit and howl, you’d brush past him softly and he’ howl, call him to come sit on the couch and it sounded like you were killing him. He is a rather jumpy pooch, but this was out of the ordinary even for him.

So, a trip to the vet found that now the dog has a bad back. Swollen something or other in his spine. So more steroids for the dog. But not only that, he’s got STAPLES in his back. You heard me…he’s stapled! Our Vet, Dr Dan, is one of the few vets practicing canine accupuncture. So Christian has surgical staples in him for us to use, as shown by the vet, to help the dog’s bad back. He’s not charging much for it either. It’s only, like, $35. but man…the dog has staples down his back and on his butt! He doesn’t seem to notice them and you can pet him and he doesn’t flinch or anything, but if you push on one particular staple, he freaks out. So yeah, I don’t push on that one.

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