So on Friday I came home and little sis was there. Apparently she had been without power since 2 days before that and no power in the muggy humidity of Missouri sucks when you’re trying to sleep. So she came up here and enjoyed my a/c for the weekend.

But that wasn’t my only surprise on Friday, in the mail I received information from the Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association!! I got a lovely pamphlet entitled “Meet the Alpaca” Did you know that alpacas only eat about 2% of their body weight in hay per day? Did you know there are two differend breed-types? The huacaya and the suri. One has more crimped or fluffy kind of fleece and the ohter has “pencil locks” of fleece that hang down in cacades.

There’s also an Alpaca Magazine. It’s a quarterly publication and a subscription is $50. yeah…that’s right 4 issues for $50!! That is just CRAZY TALK! I got 12 issues of National Geographic for half that! But I guess if you really want to become a part of the fast-growing alpaca farming industry it’d be worth it.

For those who want more information on Alpaca farming, visit and order the “value-packed 324 page publication” it is chock full of all kinds of stuff about being an alpaca farmer. I’m not quite ready to take that step. I don’t think the homeowners association where I live would allow an alpaca in the back yard. Plus this pamphlet says that alpacas have strong herding instincts, it’s not good to have only one. Although it could herd with Christian and Samantha…but I bet it’s not the same.

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