Alpaca Goodness!


I totally have to go to the Midwest Alpaca Jamboree! The event schedule isn’t posted yet but there will be all kinds of alpacay-goodness going on.
Ever since I got that pamphlet in the mail, I’ve been getting all kinds of alpaca things both regular mail and email. For instance, the Kansas Alpaca Company wants me to attend their “Open Farm” this sunday. The Triple C Diamond Ranch is having an auction…but not just any auction it’s an “EXTREME” auction. It’s this saturday, they will feature Divinity, the alpaca. But she’s not just any alpaca “Divinity is truly a melt-in-your-mouth alpaca . . .” If you want to know more, she’s Lot #14. There just seems to be something wrong with an alpaca melting in your mouth…ptooey!
Now, Pastoral Profits wants introduce me to “a life pregnant with moments of awe.” I really don’t think I want a life that is pregnant with anything at the moment. Although I must say, these folks look very happy as alpaca farmers. They even dress up the alpacas with reindeer horns at Christmas time. They’ll let you stop by their Southern Michigan farm anytime. If you’re interested Cocoa is available for stud. At the low low price of just $1,500.
I bet the “melt-in-your-mouth” Divinity and Cocoa would really get along well. Dundee’s Sophie Jane is for sale, a mere $55,000. The photo makes her look sickly and underfed, but I’m betting it’s cuz they took the picture just after shaving her.
Oh how I long for the pregnant life of an alpaca farmer…. uh…what?

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