My first attempt at using Dad’s pressure cooker WORKED! I’m so excited. It was easier than I had thought thanks to Miss Vickie’s She’s got a whole mess of info on how to work your pressure cooker. I printed off recipies from other sites and came up with my own.

2lb beef rump roast
garlic powder
italian seasoning
1 cup red wine (I used the 2 buck chuck shiraz)
2/3 cup water
packet of lipton onion soup
1 large onion
1 cup beef stock

brown the roast in the presure cooker pot no lid use some oil in the bottom. (I learned that if you don’t brown the roast first, it’ll come out kinda ugly grey). I seasoned the roast with the garlic powder and italian seasoning at this point. I added the chopped up onion after browning the roast. Then add the wine, water and beef stock. you might want to deglaze the pot at this point too. Use whatever red wine you like to drink. If you don’t like the flavor to drink, you wont like the flavor to cook with either. Add the lipton soup packet stir it up, get it nice and boily, then put the lid on, make sure you’ve got a good seal and wait for it to pressure up. Then lower the heat to maintain the pressure and let it cook for 25 minutes. At that point let it depressurize on it’s own (turn off the heat, move to empty off burner) let it sit. it’ll keep cooking as it sits and depressurizes. Once that is done get the juices and meat simmering again with no lid, put in the potatoes and carrots, boil up with a lid (no pressure) for like 20 min or so until soft. then gravy up your juice as you would normally. And voila! you’ve got an awesome pressure cooker roast.

It isn’t as scary as I thought. If you’ve got a pressure cooker with the jiggling circle thing, just make sure the rubber seal is good. and make sure the pot is clean and the valve thing is clear of any obstructions. Just read up on all that Miss Vickie says about it. you’ll be fine. a pressure cooker rocks cuz you can cook a whole roast in just an hour. Easy peasy… Although next time I’m going to try putting the potatoes and carrots in with the roast. I think I’m going to go get another piece of roast.

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