Visit from a pretty girl

Smiley girl

This adorable little girl came for a visit last night. It was the highlight of my week. I was worried I’d get trapped at work until incredibly late and miss the incredibly short period of time I’d get to visit with her and her parents. Luckily, I was able to run out the door and make it home just as they were arriving.

Miss Violet was very interested in everything that was at her level. Things like pens, chip bag clips, books and cat toys were so incredibly exciting. She’d pick one up walk into the other room with it, set it on the floor and pick something else up. If anyone got a phone call or a text message on Wednesday night from me, that was actually from Violet. Although with the spotty reception in my apartment I’m sure nothing made it through (I’m sure I’ll see a very wacky charge on my next bill.)

Book or movie? Such a hard decision.

All thoughts of a possible “Violet’s in town tweet up” were pushed aside due to timing, and my wacky work hours. Leaving for work at 6:30am and getting home at 7pm or later just makes socializing extremely difficult. Hopefully they will visit again on a weekend and a much better gathering can be arranged. I’m sure Violet would love to hang with everyone. She’s already practicing for her teenage years on my cell phone and Sam’s cell phone. Nick is smart enough to keep his phone out of reach.

I can’t believe she’s walking already. And that blond wispy hair… such a cutie pie! Wednesday morning I set the crock pot up with a pot roast so when Sam & Nick arrived there’d be food ready for them to eat. The apartment smelled great when we walked in the door. Nick and Sam both were very pleased with the way the roast came out. I’m just glad it was good.

Checking the tweets, emails and texting her BFF

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