Alpaca Adoption

Tammy gets a closeup

As some of you know, there’s a back story to the whole alpaca business. Way back when, I was watching TV with the guy I was dating. Now, I learned to watch TV with my father, and during commercials he would make comments and act all smug and amused with himself at how hilarious he was. So, as this guy and I are watching television, I’m making witty and hysterical comments, but he has no reaction whatsoever. This guy is SUPPOSED to be my boyfriend, he’s SUPPOSED to be hanging on my every word. When I speak it should be like he’s hearing a choir of angels sing. But instead, my amusing witticisms are falling on deaf ears. I’m getting annoyed that we’re 2 feet apart and either he can’t hear me or he is ignoring me. So I start a play-by-play of comments as the commercial begins.

Silvie - the alpaca I adopted

Me: ALPACA FARMING! That’s it…that’s how we’ll make MILLIONS!
Him: *silence*
Me: Yeah, we’ll find our fortunes raising alpacas. We should call now!
Him: *silence*
Me: Look how excited that little girl is to have alpacas!
Him: *silence*
Me: And Christian, can be our alpaca herding dog!
Him: *silence*
Me: You’re ignoring me aren’t you?
Him: (finally looks at me) Christian…as a herding dog…with alpacas…*snort*

Christian was his dog part daschund – part p-dog (he peed everywhere! And had bleeding issues too)

Friendly alpaca

From that moment on I joked about being an alpaca farmer. A friend signed me up for some email list of alpaca farming information. I started getting brochures in the mail. My sister bought me a toy alpaca (I named him Elvis) that went with me to Italy (and then got lost when I moved). So that is why, for my 40th birthday an alpaca was adopted for me from White Violet Farms .

The alpaca I chose is named Silvie, she is a huacaya alpaca and her coloring is called silver grey. I picked her, mostly because I loved her varied coloring. But she also seemed to be pretty cool in her temperament. She wasn’t like Brittany who was all up in your face. She was more like, “what do you want? I don’t know if I like you” then would run off. She posed pretty well for pictures.

So yeah, there’s the alpaca story… littered with photos. Enjoy!

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  1. Tammy March 6, 2011 11:37 am

    Posted my version of Alpaca Quest 2011 here:

  2. Pretty Pauline March 8, 2011 3:37 pm

    HA! Love it! We are actually planning to attend an Alpaca shearing in April! OH how I wish I had $$$ for the luscious YARN that will be there…

    • dreadpiratealice March 8, 2011 3:41 pm

      you might be surprised, the yarn they have wasn’t nearly as expensive as I was expecting. They have an etsy shop, I’ll have to find the URL and post it.