Give and take

We hear a lot about the power of giving. How great it feels to give of ourselves, to serve others, to help other people. The warm fuzzies you feel inside when you’ve done a good deed or practiced a random act of kindness are really pretty amazing. It is a great feeling to reach out and help other people. It’s kind of empowering knowing you’ve made a difference for someone. But what about the other side of that scenario?

How often have you allowed other people to help you?

Think about it, how would you feel if you reached out to help someone and they said, “No thanks, I got it. I’m okay.” You can see that they clearly need help but their sense of pride is getting in the way of your good deed. Would you create a story in your head about how ungrateful that person is or would you tell others what a fool he was to not accept your help? The last time someone offered to do something for you, did you tell them no? What was your reason? How did you feel when you said no to that person?

How would it feel if you opened yourself up to receive?

I challenge you to be open to accepting the help of others. It may feel humbling at first, it may feel “wrong” in some way like you can’t accept. Practice saying thank you right now. If you don’t open your heart to the wonders of the universe, all that goodness can’t come in. For every good deed you do, be open to accepting the good deed that another person wants to do for you. Start saying, “Yes, thank you,” to the people around you. Take “no” out of your vocabulary and see what amazing things can start to unfold for you. Most of all, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. If you are uncomfortable asking other people, start by asking God. Say a prayer to your higher power and ask. The Powers That Be can’t help you if you don’t ask.  You’d be amazed at how wonderful it feels when you let go of that pride and let other people help you. Being open to receiving really brings your awareness to the good that is in this world. It shows you how much you are loved. If you want proof that you are not alone ask for help and open yourself up to receiving. You don’t have to face everything alone, there are people out there who want to help you and they want to show you how much they care.

Is it time for you to stop being strong and lean on others?


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