I woke up at 4am and heard noise outside. I looked out my kitchen window to find the garage of the building next door on fire. Once I located my phone I called 911. I stood in my kitchen wondering if I should go about getting ready for work or if I should watch for the fire department. Do I need to keep my phone by my side? As all these questions flooded my brain, I heard the sirens as the Chicago Fire Department arrived.

The questions did not go away though, I wondered what to do with myself so I went out back to see what was going on.  I peeked around the garage of my building to see 3 firemen standing with a hose shouting, “Send the water! Send the water!” That’s when I realized I needed my camera. Upon speaking with my landlord and neighbors, we suspect the fire was started deliberately on a couch that was leaning against the garage. The only sign the couch was even there is some metal springs on the burnt ground in the pile of ash.

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