As a gamer, when I first signed up on Facebook I was totally sucked in to many of their games. But, over the past year or two I’ve weened myself from many of them. I just got bored and I was really tired of the games posting crap on my page without asking me first. More recently the only game I was playing was Words With Friends. I could do it from my phone and I could play with my Sister. However, the Android app seemed to be a little unstable, it wouldn’t tell me or my sister it was our turn. And even if I logged in to Facebook on my computer it was still a bit iffy. So I gave up and removed it.

But this weekend I discovered a game called SongPop. I had been ignoring the requests from friends to play, but on Saturday I got a little curious and I went ahead and launched it. It’s a “name that tune” kind of game. They play a song and you’ve got to guess out of 4 choices which song or artist it is and click on your answer. It’s all timed, your score is higher if you get the answer right quickly.

If this game existed when I was a teenager I’d be King of the World. But now, I’ve learned I know nothing about today’s music. When it comes to Classic Rock and 90s Alternative, I either don’t know the artist’s name or the name of the song. And with 80s music, I know it all, but it takes me a little too long to realize what song it is. There was a time when I could name the song with just the first chord. So, I’m saving up my coins to get the playlist I KNOW I will rule over…. US TV THEME SONGS! Watch out Facebook friends, I’m just 44 coins away from owning it!

Are there any games on Facebook you like to play? What are they and why do you like them?

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