Mabel will be missed


My sweet Mabel died some time after midnight on Sunday. By my guess she was at least 17 years old. I got her in 1998 and they guess she was about 2 when I got her. When I got up for work on Monday morning, I found her lying on the floor under my desk. She was getting thinner and thinner of the past few months. I switched to canned food and she seemed to be eating without vomiting but last Friday when I woke up she was clearly not well and I rushed her to the vet.  He examined her and suspected she had a large tumor in her stomach. We opted to try treating her with medication. As the weekend progressed though, she deteriorated. By Sunday evening her hind legs weren’t working and she was sleeping in the carrier that she had always avoided.

I was able to sit with her and hold her and comfort her as best I could. Now she and Bijou are together again, saving the world like Xena and Gabrielle.