Why are people jerks?

Seinfeld_Jerk_Store_Black_ShirtI went to the eye doctor yesterday. Everything was lovely all the people were nice to me. I was friendly to all of them. Then, as I was picking out frames this woman came in. The girl went to speak to the doctor and the woman sat down in a chair. She was visibly pregnant.

The girl came out of the doctor’s office and spoke to the woman.

“What do you mean? I have to get to work”

“I’m sorry….”

“NO it’s FINE. I’ll just keep putting these old things in my eyes and RUIN THEM!”

And she stormed out.

I was aghast and I was just another customer. I looked at the girl helping me, “Wow, some people feel incredibly entitled. If you work at a place that wont even let you take time for the eye doctor, then maybe you shouldn’t work there.”

Apparently this woman was looking for some kind of “filler space” type contact lenses until she had the baby and could get a full exam. Well, she had waited 3 years so the eye doctor wasn’t willing to give her these contacts without checking her eyes first.  I fail to see how this was the doctor’s fault. You waited a very long time between exams. You’ve obviously been wearing contacts for a long time to know how this works. Why did you wait so long? Maybe when you found out you were pregnant you should have had this eye exam taken care of and it is perfectly OK to go to the eye doctor when you’re pregnant. So what was this woman’s problem? Well, she’s a jerk. She thinks her problems are more important than anyone else’s problems in all the world. Everyone should bow down to her so that she can have things exactly the way she wants. Being snippy and storming out of the place was exactly the answer in that situation </sarcasm>

Sorry lady, the world doesn’t work that way. Your job and your situation doesn’t make you any better than the girls working in that eye care store. Your superiority over everyone didn’t help you get what you wanted. Maybe if she visited them more than once every 3 years she’d have a better relationship with the employees and they’d be nice and help work something out. Like, if she’s so important at work, maybe they’d fit her in after hours….if she was nice. But piss poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine, or the employees of the eye care store.

Working at Starbucks I get a lot of jerks too. Since my store is in a train station the biggest one is the jerk who can’t wait the 2 minutes it takes to make his drink because he “has to catch the train.”  Look buddy, EVERYONE HERE IS CATCHING A TRAIN. The difference is, the people in front of you gave themselves enough time to stop and get their drink. And don’t be a dick and order a frackin’ Frappuccino expecting that to take me two seconds.

If we all just slowed the pace a little, gave ourselves a bit more time to be kind to each other, to treat one another with the same respect we would like to be given this world might not be so full of anger and hatred. Maybe the idea of forgiveness wouldn’t be so foreign to so many people.

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  1. Kim May 25, 2013 1:54 pm

    These are the same people who cram in a metro car, and then push their way out instead of waiting for those in front to get out.. OMG!